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In recent years, though banned, fraud phenomenon in the entrance examination for college happens often. In view of the increasingly secret fraud behaviors and technical fraud means, as stipulated by the State Education Commission, CCTV surveillance systems will be set up in the designated nationwide education and examination sites gradually in the regions throughout China, in order to effectively punish fraud activities and eliminate the ugly habits.

In addition, the senior education quality monitoring system is a means for supervision of senior education quality and level as well as one of the components in the senior education quality assurance system.

Based on the campus network architecture, digital techniques, such as electronic library and VOD are widely applied, and traditional electronic teaching means are evolving towards pure digital education.

BlueStar’s TRENDLINE electronic invigilation system is a modern teaching supervision and management system incorporating network technique, audio technique, and video compression technique. As a modern teaching supervision and management system, it takes full advantage of our technical experience and advantages in education and system integration; in application, it integrates electronic surveillance and teaching management, taking an non-replaceable role in teaching research and evaluation, non-interference learning, acquisition of teaching materials, self-study classroom management, and electronic invigilation; it can comprehensively coordinate campus network application, electronic invigilation, and teaching management, and improve teaching level and facility utilization effectively.

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