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TRENDLINE Surveillance Solution for Highway



The video surveillance system for highway usually comprises two parts: toll monitoring and road monitoring. The toll monitoring system is mainly designed to observe, log, and effectively supervise the condition of driveways at toll stations, toll squares, and toll pavilions, the vehicle types passing through the toll driveways and the operating procedures of toll personnel, and accidents and special events in the toll process. The road monitoring system is mainly designed to monitor trunk highways and key sections of highways such as intersections and tunnels, to master traffic condition on the highways, detect sections with traffic jam and violating vehicles timely, and provide guidance timely, to ensure safe and smooth operation of the highways.

BlueStar's TRENDLINE embedded video recorder BSR-50516N and digital video matrix BSR-1604EN, which integrate many latest research results and employ world-leading DSP chipset technique and the latest high-performance video compression algorithms independently developed by us, can meet diverse demand for video image quality ranging from CIF to D1, and improve network transmission performance greatly; working with our specially design BPLAYER network surveillance system soft ware, the products are more suitable for central and unified management from a network control center, and deliver a complete video surveillance system, which can meet the demand for video surveillance in different locations, and can be customized as required.


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