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16-CH Embedded DVR Complete Application


At present, there are two types of DVRs available in the market: embedded DVRs and PC DVRs. Embedded DVRs have advantages in stability, reliability, and usability; while PC DVRs have advantages in expandability but have drawbacks in security. As the market demand increases, DVRs are developing from a small number of channels and simple functions towards a large number of channels and network-based operation and intelligence, and the video compression algorithm is evolving from MPEG-II and MPEG-IV to H.264.

BlueStar’s 16-channel embedded DVRs, which integrate many latest research results and employ world-leading DSP chipset technique and the latest high-performance video compression algorithms independently developed by us, can meet diverse demand for video image quality ranging from CIF to D1, and improve network transmission performance greatly; working with our specially design BPLAYER network monitoring system soft ware, the products are more suitable for central and unified management from a network control center, and deliver a complete video monitoring system, which can meet the demand for video monitoring in different locations, and can be customized as required.

By now, the 16-channel embedded DVRs introduced by us in the market include BSR-4016, BSR-5016, and BSR-6016 (hereinafter collectively referred to as 16-channel DVRs). Wherein, Model 4016 and 5016 employ MPEG-IV-based image compression standard and the compression algorithm independently developed by us; Model 4016 supports CIF (352×288) maximum image definition; Model 5016 supports CIF, 1/2D1 (704×288), and D1 (704×576) image definitions. Model 6016 employs H.264 video image compression standard and the latest compression algorithm developed by us, and, by setting the code rate flexibly, supports a wide range of image definitions, up to 16 channels of full real-time D1. It provides diverse video quality options, and can meet the demands of different customers in the market.

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