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Board of Directors

The Directors who served during the year, and subsequently, were as follows


Mr. Liu Xiaochuan, Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Liu is the Chairman of the China Security and Protection Industry Association, the Vice-Director and Superintendent of the Science and Technology Commission of Ministry of Public Security. Mr. Liu was the Vice-Chairman and Research Director of the First Institution of Ministry of the Public Security. He was also the Chairman of the Computer Communication Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and the Headmaster of the Chinese People’s Public Security University. Mr. Liu has been awarded the National Science and Technology Conference Award, and the first, Second and Third Ministry of the Public Security Science and Technology Award.



Xiao Gang, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Xiao holds a BA degree in Robotic Instruments and has over 14 years of experience in marketing, sales and manufacturing security and surveillance solutions. He is a member of the China Security and Protection Industry Association. Mr. Xiao entered into the security systems industry in 1993, being a foremost distributor for Sanyo CCTV security products through the Guangzhou JinLun Technology Development Co., Ltd. And Guangzhou mainline Technology Development co., Ltd. Of which he was the founder and CEO. Between 1999 and 2000, Mr. Xiao was deputy General Manager of Beijing Century Milestone, a video networking equipment group. In 2000 he founded Beijing BlueStar Software Technology Development Co., Ltd and its subsidiary companies in Guangzhou and Shanghai.



He Caiguang, Chief Technological Officer

Mr. He holds a B.S. Degree in Geo Science at Zhejiang University. Mr. He has spent more than 15 years in research, development and implementation of software technology development. He has been with the Group since 2000. Prior to joining the Group, from 1999-2000, he was the software department manager of Beijing Century Milestone Technology Co., Ltd., heading up the application of software research and development. Prior to Century Milestone, during 1994-1999, he was employed at Guangdong Provincial Post Bureau as project manager and systems engineer.



Xing Hui Dong, Senior Vice President and Director of Sales Department

Mr. Xing Hui Dong, graduated from The People’s Information Engineering University in China with a degree in computer science. Mr. Xing joined BlueStar in 2007 and is currently a senior vice president and director in charge of the Sales department in the Company. Prior to joining BlueStar, Mr. Xing worked as a manager in the security department of the China Construction Bank in Beijing.



Liu Jin Qing, Senior Vice Prresident and Director of Production Deparment

Ms. Liu Jin Qing, joined BlueStar in 2000 as the general manager of Guangzhou BlueStar Technologies Development Ltd. Following the company’s factory moved into Beijing, she has been transferred to Beijing and act as the Senior Vice President and she is the director in charge of BlueStar’s production department as well. Prior to joining BlueStar, Ms. Liu entered into the security system industry in 1993, and she is one of the founder of Guangzhou JingLun Technology Development Co., Ltd.



Mr. Teo Kean Eek, Non-Executive Director

Mr. Teo has over 14 years of strategic planning and venture capital experience in the US, the PRC and Singapore. Prior to founding Agile, a financial advisory company in the PRC, he was the principal of Shanghai NewMargin Ventures in charge of investment, divestment and portfolio monitoring. Mr. Teo holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering Economics System from Stanford University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University. He is on the board of Directors and a member of the audit committee of Pharmesis International Ltd (listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange) and Sinosoft Technology Plc (quoted on AIM).



Mr. Derrick Woolf, Non-Executive Director

Mr. Woolf, FCAFCCA, is an Accountant who has been in public practice for over 40 years and has extensive experience of dealing with growing companies. He qualified as a chartered accountant with Levy Gee in 1971 and was made a partner in 1974. He was senior partner when the accounting firm Levy Gee was sold to AIM listed Numerica Group plc and subsequently joining the board of Numerca Group plc as and executive director. In 2005, Numerica Group plc was acquired by Vantis plc and the two businesses merged their activities into Vantis Group Limited. Currently Mr. Woolf served as executive director in RSM Tenonorganization. Mr. Woolf also has experience of AIM quoted Chinese companies through his directorships with China Biodiesel International Holdings Co. Ltd and previously with Natsun Holdings Ltd. He advises Chinese Companies with their development and acquisition plans and helps overseas companies set up in China.



Ping Dan (also known as Antonia Ping), Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Ping Dan joined BlueStar in July 2009 as Company Secretary and CFO assistant and has over 10 years’ experience in accounting and financial management. As announced on 25 May 2012, she was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Company effective from 1 June 2012. Having started her career as an accountant with the Spencer Hyde Audit firm in London, Antonia qualified as an ACCA senior accountant in UK. Prior to joining BlueStar, she served as Financial Controller in Beijing Longsheng Advertising Co Ltd in China. She has worked in a number of senior management positions and has a good knowledge of IFRS, Chinese GAAP, AIM regulations, financial systems and the AIM market.

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